Kingdom-Con has lots of events for all kinds of gamers. Card and Board Games, Role-Playing Games, Miniature Games and Hobby Classes. This year our events are on two different sections of the website. Our Gaming Registration is through EventBrite, which you can find on the Registration and & Events link. There you will be able to find the FULL list of events and register for them. It is packed full of games and classes, so if you are having a hard time looking for what you want to see, check out the individual tabs on the EVENTS Tab.

Of course Registration is now CLOSED, so you will have to register for events onsite at the convention. Check out the full Schedule!

We also have an Open Board Game Library and Open Gaming Hall. If you don’t want to sign-up for an event, or just want to check out the con, feel free to bring your own games from home or check out games in our library and play in the Open Gaming Hall.

Curious about the other events? Take a look at the different links here!

Role-Playing Games

Card/Board Games


Hobby Classes

 The Broadside Bash

The Draconic Awards

If you have any questions about Events or how to Register, please contact us: