A Message About WARMACHINE/HORDES From PG Ashlan

To all WarMachine Players:

By now I am sure that you have heard that Privateer Press made the incredibly difficult decision to disband the Press Gang after 15 years.

Please let me assure you that in terms of your ticket and the events you have registered for – NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  We will still be holding our events, they will be staffed and run by the Press Gangers and Judges from the local and surrounding areas that have always been there for you in the past.

It is our mission to make sure that your time with us at KC is the fun time that it has always been. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free contact me at TOKingdomCon@gmail.com.

We thank you in advance for your support and attendance, because you the players of the WarMachine Community, are why we do what we do.

Let’s send the Press Gang out in style!

Gail – aka PG Ashlan

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