Friday Night Flea Market Madness Is Back!

Friday Night Flea Market Madness Is Back! 

We are excited to announce that the Flea Market Madness is back. Everyone had such a good time last year and was asking for it that we wanted to bring it back. If you have any questions, please let us know – – Sign-Up today on Eventbrite!

Here is the information description:

Where:  Lahana Ballroom, ‘Upstairs’.
When:  Friday night!  8pm to 11pm (or later!)
Cost:  Sellers-  $20 for a single table.  Shoppers- Free to all con attendees!

Unload all those games and minis collecting dust from the recesses of your game room or storage!  Find untold treasures, giving them new life on your game tables!  The Friday night flea market is back and bigger than ever!

Seller Info:  Must be registered with convention.  Cost is $20 for a single table and can be purchased through the eventbrite registration.  Sellers may purchase multiple tables.  There will be a limited amount of seller space available and will be sold at a first come first served basis.  The $20 fee per table is non refundable.  Sellers may check in at 7pm for set up and will be admitted at a first come first served basis.  Lastly, it is at the sole discretion of the Kingdom Con Flea Market Staff to determine what type of items may be sold at the Flea Market.

Shopper Info:   Must be registered with convention.  Will be let in at 8pm and may line early up outside the flea market room.

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