Rpgs, Miniatures, Board Games and Card Game Events have been added!

Hey Everyone,

We have added more events this week to the Kingdom-Con 2017 schedule, with still even more on the way.

Events for Kingdom-Con are located on each tab of the website. From there it can lead you where to register for each event.

Miniature Events, Hobby Events and Board Game Tournaments are located on the Eventbrite Ticket System. You can find the list of Miniature Game Events on the Miniatures Tab on the Kingdom-Con website.

Role-Playing Games are located on the Kingdom-Con 2017 Warhorn website.

The Broadside Bash has their own registration system on their website and a ticket for the Broadside Bash gives you access to Kingdom-Con.

We have more events on the way as well, such as the Settlers of Catan Qualifier, so be sure to stay tuned this week!

If you have any questions, please message us at – kingdomconsd@gmail.com –

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