Month: February 2017

More Miniature Events Have Been Added!

Hey Everyone!

Have you been looking for more miniature games and demos to play at Kingdom-Con? We are happy to have added a lot more events for miniature games at the show. We have always had a large amount of historical and fantasy/sci-fi minis games and this year is no different! Looking to play some Blood Bowl? Or maybe try out the new Blood & Plunder? Check out the Miniatures Section of the Kingdom-Con website to check out the schedule and Sign-Up on the Kingdom-Con Eventbrite System to register!

If you have any questions about Kingdom-Con 2017 Miniature Events, please send us an email at – –

Thank you and looking forward to playing lots of games!

Friday Night Flea Market Madness Is Back!

Friday Night Flea Market Madness Is Back! 

We are excited to announce that the Flea Market Madness is back. Everyone had such a good time last year and was asking for it that we wanted to bring it back. If you have any questions, please let us know – – Sign-Up today on Eventbrite!

Here is the information description:

Where:  Lahana Ballroom, ‘Upstairs’.
When:  Friday night!  8pm to 11pm (or later!)
Cost:  Sellers-  $20 for a single table.  Shoppers- Free to all con attendees!

Unload all those games and minis collecting dust from the recesses of your game room or storage!  Find untold treasures, giving them new life on your game tables!  The Friday night flea market is back and bigger than ever!

Seller Info:  Must be registered with convention.  Cost is $20 for a single table and can be purchased through the eventbrite registration.  Sellers may purchase multiple tables.  There will be a limited amount of seller space available and will be sold at a first come first served basis.  The $20 fee per table is non refundable.  Sellers may check in at 7pm for set up and will be admitted at a first come first served basis.  Lastly, it is at the sole discretion of the Kingdom Con Flea Market Staff to determine what type of items may be sold at the Flea Market.

Shopper Info:   Must be registered with convention.  Will be let in at 8pm and may line early up outside the flea market room.

Rpgs, Miniatures, Board Games and Card Game Events have been added!

Hey Everyone,

We have added more events this week to the Kingdom-Con 2017 schedule, with still even more on the way.

Events for Kingdom-Con are located on each tab of the website. From there it can lead you where to register for each event.

Miniature Events, Hobby Events and Board Game Tournaments are located on the Eventbrite Ticket System. You can find the list of Miniature Game Events on the Miniatures Tab on the Kingdom-Con website.

Role-Playing Games are located on the Kingdom-Con 2017 Warhorn website.

The Broadside Bash has their own registration system on their website and a ticket for the Broadside Bash gives you access to Kingdom-Con.

We have more events on the way as well, such as the Settlers of Catan Qualifier, so be sure to stay tuned this week!

If you have any questions, please message us at – –

WARMACHINE/HORDES & Hobby Classes Events are LIVE!

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce that the WARMACHINE/HORDES Tournaments and our Hobby Classes run by CK Studios, Miniature Monthly and Tectonic Craft Studios are Live!

You can find the Schedule of Events on our website, but you will need to register for them on our Eventbrite Ticket System. To participate in Kingdom-Con events, you will also need a badge for that day!

We have a lot of awesome events this year such as our Team Tournament and to be a part of Privateer Press’ tournament system and again be a part of WARMACHINE WEEKEND with a Qualifier Tournament.

Sign-Up for Events on our Eventbrite!

Please let us know if you have any questions at – –

Thank you and looking forward to an awesome event!

Pre-Registration and Hotel Block is Now Open!

Hey Everyone!

Kingdom-Con 2017 is coming and we couldn’t be more excited! Pre-Registration for Convention Badges and the Hotel Block is now OPEN! The Convention is going to be open earlier on Thursday this year, at Noon, which means even more gaming!

Pre-Register for the convention early to make sure you are all good to go. Pre-Registration is $50 online, but will be $60 at the door without pre-reg. Day Badges for each day are $20 at the door, or online.

Book your Hotel Room early! Last year, the block filled up and we want to make sure everyone can stay at the fantastic Crowne Plaza and be a part of the convention, be sure to book your room early so you can be a part of the fun the whole time!

Event Registration will go online TOMORROW at 11am PST. So if you are looking to sign-up for Warmachine, miniatures, tournaments, hobby classes and so on. Be sure to come back tomorrow and sign-up!

Please let us know if you have any questions at – – and we are happy to help!

Looking forward to another awesome year of gaming at Kingdom-Con 2017!

Pre-Registration Launches On Feb 6th!

Hey Everyone!

We have had a huge amount of events come in this week and it is very exciting! Due to that and that many people are currently at the awesome Las Vegas Open this weekend, we are going to move Pre-Registration for Kingdom-Con to Monday, February 6th.

This year we are excited to have the huge variety of events with miniature games, role-playing games, board games, card games, LARP, you name it we have it. Because of YOU the community, the convention can provide the space to make some very cool events happen this year and we can’t wait!

Be prepared for events and hotel space to fill up quickly, so stay prepped to our social media for when event registration goes LIVE!

Thank you all for your patience with us. We are all anxious to start signing up for events and lock in our April plans. We also know that TableTop Day is going to be on the Saturday as well and we have some exciting extra events planned for that too.

We hope you have a great weekend full of good times and gaming and get ready for Monday!