Thank you all for another fantastic year!

Thank you everyone who came to be a part of Kingdom-Con this year! This was our best year yet and we had so much fun. We will crunch some numbers and post up final attendance once we get some sleep. Thank you again to everyone who helped run games, our vendors and everyone involved. The convention is for you and we are so happy to make it a success! 

See you again next year! 

Kingdom-Con Gaming

Kingdom-Con has a fun and exciting atmosphere, with lots of different games to try out. From Tournaments, RPGs, Casual Board Games and Miniature Games and much more, there is a lot that you can find and stumble on. 

When you show up, if you dont have anything planned, take a look in the Board Gaming Hall to see what games are going on. There are always people looking to just play new games with new friends. Along with that, we have a Board Game Library, where you can check out games and play them right there in the Hall. 

Kingdom-Con is this week!

Hello Kingdom-Con!

This is Ross here from Kingdom-Con and I am very excited for the convention this week! We have a lot going on this year, more vendors, more space, an extra day and plenty of gaming! 

Pre-Registration has closed and you will be able to purchase Badges at the Convention each day. The Hall will open Thursday at 3pm and will close on Sunday around 9pm. This extra day adds a lot more for us to do, and a fun roll into the 4-day Gaming Weekend. 

One - Week Away!!

We are very excited that Kingdom-Con is one week away and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Convention Opens at 3pm on Thursday. You will be able to come pick up your Badge at the Registration Booth and get all set up for Gaming! If you have not registered for the convention, you will be able to do that as well. 

Kingdom-Con Vendors

We are excited to announce our Vendor List!

There are lots of great Vendors coming to Kingdom-Con this year, showing off all kinds of games, products, creations and much more. This is really turning out to be one of the biggest years yet, so be sure to come out and support all the Vendors that are at the convention this year! 

Follow the Link for the Vendor List:

Kingdom-Con Vendor Announcement

We will be announcing all of our Vendors soon! As we get closer to the convention, we are lining up all of the final schedules, games, and registration! We are very excited to be this close to the convention and this is going to be our biggest year yet. 

Be sure to check out the Vendor Page later this week, but here is a short Preview:



Stay tuned for more! 


Kingdom-Con is over a month away!

We are excited and have been working hard with everything going on here at Kingdom-Con! From Registration, Events, and lots of other goodies we are excited to bring this year to life and have you here to enjoy the fun with us. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here at  - - and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Wave 2 for Events is up!

We have updated the Events Site to include our Wave 2 Of Events! This includes, The Broadside Bash, Pathfinder Events, our Hub for Board Games and will include more Miniature Events later this week.

To go into more detail about our events here at Kingdom-Con, there are lots of games that are being ran all the time at the event. Our Board Games will have more "on the schedule" events this year, in addition to our Board Game Library. Also, when our Miniatures Hub goes up, you will see more miniatures that range from Historical to Infinity and Hell Dorado.