Kingdom-Con 2017 is happening on April 27th-30th!

Kingdom-Con 2017 is happening on April 27th-30th!

Our website has been updated for the 2017 event and links for Hotel Registration and Event Registration will be posted in the coming weeks.

If you want to run an event, be a vendor, volunteer or sponsor the event, please reach out to us at – –

We are looking forward to an even bigger event as we have all the hotel space this year! Stay tuned for more information and get ready to game!

Another awesome year of gaming and good times awaits!

Another Kingdom-Con has come and gone.

Another Kingdom-Con has come and gone. Thank you all for being a part of this fantastic celebration of friends, games and good times. We exploded this year! More events, more gamers and more awesome. Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers who helped make this happen. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Kingdom-Con starts on Thursday! Here’s What you should know!

Hey Everyone!

Kingdom-Con starts on Thursday and we are excited to start gaming! This article is going to include some helpful tips about the convention and what to do when you arrive at the hotel.

Once you are ready to go to the con, the first thing you should do is head over to Registration. It will be right in the main hall with some very nice people sitting down ready to get you set up. Eventbrite gave everyone tickets, you are welcome to print those out, but if you do not that is ok! Make sure you have your ID and the Registration Staff will be able to get your badge and send you on your way!

There are all kinds of events going on at Kingdom-Con. Lots of events are scheduled tournaments and demos, while many games are casual. You can find the schedule online and we will also have a printed schedule. The Board Game Room will have a White Board where you can sign-up for games, as well as another copy of the schedule if you need help finding a game. We encourage people to play all kinds of games. Check out a game at our Game Library, or bring some from home. The Board Game room will have the most open space, so if you want to find a place to play, that will be the best place to look.

Our Vendor Room is right by Registration and we encourage you to check out all the exciting vendors that are here at Kingdom-Con 2016. The Vendor Hall Hours are posted on the website, so be sure to visit them when it is open. From Game Stores, Carrying Cases, Games Manufacturers, Game Accessories and much more, the Vendor Hall is full of exciting companies and products. Be sure to check it out!

We also have a Prize System called The Treasury. As you play games you will win tokens! The system roughly works out to one token an hour. Your GMs will have tokens and if you have questions about the Token System, feel free to ask our Staff at the Treasury Room. Those Tokens can be turned in for Prizes in the Prize Room. These Prizes are provided to us by our sponsors and can range from promo cards to board games and prints. Trade in your Tokens for Prizes with the Treasury Staff.

Along with the gaming events, we have some special events going on. The Flea Market is on Friday Night upstairs from 8pm-11pm. Check out what the community has brought to sell, so see what is available! We are also having The Draconic Awards, brought to us by WGC. This is a high level painting competition and we are looking forward to seeing the entries. It will be the 3rd Annual Fancy Friday  too! Be a part of the sharp-dressed group at Kingdom-Con, who wears their best and enjoys a night of classy gaming. Also, there is The Drunk Quest Tournament of Champions on Saturday Night. This will be our 4th year with this special event and we are anticipating the epic night that it brings. To sign-up for this event, head over to the Ninja Division/Drunk Quest Booth in the Vendor Hall. Sign up early, because it sells out!

We love the party environment at Kingdom-Con and we encourage everyone to maintain a safe, responsible and respectful attitude during the show. To help with this, we would like everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves, take showers and get plenty of rest. Please remember that Kingdom-Con is a marathon, not a sprint. Also, we have Kingdom-Con Cups and T-Shirts for sale. We do not like Red Party Cups or Open Bottles at the event, so if you would like to enjoy your drink, please pick up a Kingdom-Con Cup at the Registration Booth.

Be sure to explore the convention! The con isn’t just the main ballrooms. The Role-Playing Games are over in the Bungalows across the parking lot and the Hobby Events are in the Paradise Room across from the Hotel Lobby. Kingdom-Con grows every year and as we expand out into the hotel, be sure to check out what is going on.

If you ever have any questions or need help, please let any of the Staff know. We want to make sure everyone feels safe and has a good time at Kingdom-Con. We work hard all year round to bring this event to you and it’s going to be a good time! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kingdom-Con Staff

Last Day for Pre-Registration!

Kingdom-Con is this week! We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday and start the weekend of gaming!

Monday (April 25th) is the last day for Pre-Registration at the discounted price. Pre-Registration will close at 10pm PST. Badges can be purchased at the door each day. A 4-day badge is $60 and Single day Badges are $20.

Event Pre-Registration will also be closing as well, so make sure to sign up for events that you still want to play in. Many events, such as board games and tournaments will still take players at the con, so if you do not sign up, you can show up at the show and see if there are openings.

Its going to be an exciting convention and we are looking forward to a great weekend! If you have any questions, please send us an email at –

Events Added, Flea Market, Volunteers Wanted

Hello Everyone!

Kingdom-Con is just a couple weeks away and we are adding a few more events to the schedule! Looking for some more games to play, or curious about trying something new? Take a look at the Events Tab and check them out.

Along with that, we have also added a Flea Market. Check out the full events description here:

First ever KC FLEA MARKET!  FRIDAY 29th8pm to 11pm

Come unload your old/unused/unplayed/unloved games, miniatures, video games or any other nerd related items!  Clean out that closet of treasures and give some joy to a friend or stranger and make some $$$ along the way!  THE DETAILS:  Location- Upstairs Miniatures room.  Sellers, single table $20. Tickets purchased are for SELLERS ONLY and multiple tables may be purchased.   Sellers may line set up 30 min or earlier before flea market starts (see flea market staff in room).  Buyers can line up before 8pm but no one will be allowed in until 8pm.  Kingdom Con staff reserve the right to refuse service to any merchandise deemed inappropriate.

Space is limited!  So buy a table and unload!

If event sells out, see Flea Market staff night of event to see if additional space is available.  Sellers will be able to buy tables at the door IF there is space.

To signup, go to EventBrite on the Registration Tab.

We are also looking for more Volunteers to help out with the con. Volunteers who work up to 8hours will get a badge to the full convention. We have shifts from working the Board Game Library, Registration or the Treasury. Meet new people and be a part of the event! We have a great team and there are just a few spots left that we would love to fill!

Send us an email at – – if you are interested!


Kingdom-Con is Two Weeks Away!

Hey Everyone!

We are excited that Kingdom-Con is only two weeks away! Are you ready to play some games? Because we are!

Here are some helpful announcements to be aware of:

Pre-Registration will be open until Wednesday the 27th. You will be able to pick up your badge at the door. If you have not Pre-Registered, the event will be $60. Single day ticket prices are $20.

The Doors open on Thursday at 3pm. It is an easy day, so it looks like it is a laid back day, thats because it is! Show up, find a table and play some games.

The Vendor Hall will be open until 6pm each day. Be sure to check out what everyone has brought!

Parking is Free. Enjoy.

Volunteer Shifts are still open! We would love to have you Volunteer for the event. Curious about Volunteering and want to help out, shoot us an email at – –

We will no longer be accepting Game Event Submissions after Wednesday April 13th! If you want to get on the schedule, send us an email ASAP!


We will be doing more announcements before the event, so stay tuned and see you soon!

Kingdom-Con is a Month Away!

Are you excited for Kingdom-Con!? Because we are!

This year is going to be great and is already packed full of events. Over the last few months, GMs have been submitting their events from board games, role playing games, hobby painting classes, miniature games and much more. If you are curious about the NEW events that have been added, check out the new EVENTS Tab and check out the drop down. Each of the events has been added there. While it does not link to the sign-up, it does show you what to look for on the EVENTBRITE Sign-Up. Check it out to see what is going on and play games!

The Hotel Block is almost full, so if you are still looking for a room, book it ASAP. We want to make sure everyone can stay at the Crowne Plaza to support Kingdom-Con.

Stay tuned for more announcements as we get closer to the event and looking forward to seeing you there!

For questions and concerns, please contact us at:

Registration is LIVE!

We are excited to announce that Registration for Kingdom-Con 2016 is live!

Register for Kingdom-Con 2016 here!

Check out the Registration tab on the main page. There you can see the schedule and tickets that are available. 4-Day Badges are available now, as well as Single-Day Badges. Registration is being done through EventBrite this year and you will be able to select your schedule and then check out.

If you do not see an event you want to participate in, we are still adding more events as they come in as well. So be sure to stay tuned to our media outlets as more are added.

This is going to be an exciting year and we are looking forward to gaming with everyone!

New Website

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to launch the new Kingdom-Con 2016 website. This year’s event is going to be the best yet and we cant wait until April. Event Registration will be ran through Eventbrite, which will be up over the next week or so. If you have events that you would like to submit, please do so! Hotel Registration is still going, while rooms and filling up, so be sure to be a part of that soon as well.

We have a lot of exciting plans for this year, its shaping up to be the best Kingdom-Con yet and we are looking forward to seeing you there!