Kingdom-Con 2018 – April 19th-22nd


Hey Everyone!

Hope you are doing well and gearing up for a wonderful 2018!

We know it has been a little bit before we have talked about the future for Kingdom-Con and the next event, but there has been a lot in the works and some exciting things happening for 2018.

Kingdom-Con 2018 will be on April 19th-22nd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley. This year we have booked all the space we can for gaming, lined up some very cool events and looking forward to playing some games. Over this month, we will be sharing up information about event registration, hotel registration, and other exciting events too.

We know that everyone is ready to start lining up their events, vendors and so on. We want to let everyone know that we are prepped for lots of gaming and want to do our best to make a fun, affordable event for everyone. Lots of games are coming out and we can’t wait to see them all on the tables.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us at – – or through our Facebook Page!

Thanks and stay tuned!


Another Kingdom-Con has come and gone…

Thank you everyone for an amazing Kingdom-Con. This weekend was fantastic and full of good times and great gaming. A longer post will be coming, but Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s event possible. Its because of you that we get to celebrate. Thank you and rest up! Already looking forward to next year.

Kingdom-Con Is Open!

Hello Everyone,

Kingdom-Con is now open!

We are excited to finally be at this moment and open the doors. It’s time to play games and have good times with friends.

Our Event Schedule is Online this year! If you are looking for events at the show, please be sure to check the Online Event Schedule.

You can register for the event on-site and pick up badges at Registration! You can also register for events on-site too! We have lots of gaming scheduled.

Come down and play some games!


Kingdom-Con Starts Tomorrow!

Hello Everyone,

The time is finally here! Kingdom-Con 2017 starts tomorrow and then the weekend begins. There are lots of gaming and good times ahead! Here is some helpful information about the show:

Kingdom-Con Badges can be purchased at the door. If you did not pre-register for the event then you can get your badge at the door. It is $60 for a Full-Weekend and $20 for a Day Badge. If you pre-registered, then you will be able to pick it up and the door and be good to go.

The Hotel has an updated Menu for Friday and Saturday! They have worked with us to make an easier menu for Friday and Saturday at the show, so if you are looking for something to eat, be sure to check out the Hotel Restaurant for your meal.

Parking is $2.

Use the Kingdom-Con Cups. We have Kingdom-Con cups for you to drink with, available at the registration desk for purchase. We do not like having open bottles around the hotel and event areas. Please be sure to use the Kingdom-Con Cups if you are looking to partake in tasty beverages at the show. Thank you for your understanding!

Some rooms have moved around this year! We have had a lot of growth at the show and it is fantastic. The Role-Playing Games which have normally been in the bungalows across the lot are now in the Peacock and Cove Rooms. We are happy that we can fill up more of the hotel. Also, the Hobby Classes have moved into those bungalows across the lot, along with having The Hobby Hangout in the main hallway.

The Vendor Room is all vendors! We have a lot of wonderful vendors this year at Kingdom-Con so be sure to go and check out the Kona/Coast Room for all the wonderful things they will be showing off.

Follow the Event Schedule Online! We are not doing programs this year, but are encouraging everyone to check out the Event Schedule Online and check the Schedule Banners in front of each room that as one. There are lots of great events, so be sure to check out the schedule. The Hotel Wifi is free to attendees!

The Treasury! We are again excited to have The Treasury at Kingdom-Con. Lots of fantastic game companies have sponsored the Treasury this year with awesome prizes. The more games you play at Kingdom-Con this more tokens you get! You can turn in those Tokens for Prizes at the show in the Treasury. GMs will have Treasury Tokens for you for playing games. Be sure to check it out!

Please be sure to share your Kingdom-Con adventures on social media. We have a Twitter and Facebook Page. We also have a Kingdom-Con Community Group if you want to ask questions during the show! Use the hashtag #KingdomCon!

We are excited that Kingdom-Con is here and for the awesome time that awaits us this weekend. Everyone helps bring something great to the event and we love that we can all come together to celebrate gaming. Please be sure to help keep that good time, be friendly, take care of yourself and others and respect everyone who is at the show. The community and culture is safe, friendly and open to everyone. Please keep that in mind as you play games this weekend.

Also, we had a wonderful article on Geek & Sundry today!  Check it out!

Thank you and see you tomorrow!


Kingdom-Con 2017 Vendors

We are excited to have such an awesome variety of Vendors and Manufacturers at Kingdom-Con! Here are the fantastic vendors at this year’s event! Check out their websites and get ready to see them at the show.

The Vendor Hall is open each day of the convention.

At Ease Games

The Broken Token


TableWar Designs

Ninja Division

Tectonic Craft Studios

Game Matz

Table Ready Terrain

Broken Egg Games

SafeHaven Games

Privateer Press

Paul’s Watches

Flynn Industries

Summon Entertainment


Harpers War Stories

Revolution Gaming

Blue Panther

Unrivaled Tournament Series


Vendor Hall Hours:

Thursday – 3pm – 8pm

Friday – 10am – 6pm

Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Sunday  – 10am – 6pm


Kingdom-Con starts next Thursday!

Hey Everyone,

Are you ready for Kingdom-Con? 4-Days of gaming is almost here and we are ready for an awesome time!

The Gaming Schedule is up-to-date so be sure to check it out on the Event Tab.  We are packed full with board games, miniature games and demos, role-playing games, hobby classes and much more! There is a lot of great events scheduled and cool special events too. During the convention, be sure to check out the Events Tab on the website to find more games to play, or look to the printed schedule which will be outside each room at the event.

Check out our Vendor Hall Exhibitors! – Vendor List – We have 19 Vendors this year at Kingdom-Con showing off all kinds of cool games, accessories and more. Be sure to check out the Vendor Hall each day of the convention.

While Pre-Registration is closed, you will be able to pick up a badge to the convention at the door. 4-Day and Single Day badges are available and if you pre-registered for the event, you will be able to pick up your badge at the Registration Desk.

We are also excited that the Hotel is going to be offering a special menu on Friday and Saturday of the convention to help with the amount of people that will be at the hotel!

Parking is $2 a day, which does not include in-out privileges. Please be aware of that!

We are looking forward to a good time and stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.

If you have any questions, please email us at – –

Thank you and see you at the show!


Friday Night Flea Market

We are excited again to host the Flea Market. Have some games or miniatures you are looking to pass on to a new home? Sign-Up and be a part of the late night Friday action.

Event Description:


Friday night 8pm-11pm or later!

Upstairs ballroom from the main hall. Come buy gently used treasures adding to your collection or become a seller and unload those unused games or minis putting cash back in your pocket!

Con attendees may line up early and will be let in at 8pm.

Seller pre-reg is closed, but there are still spaces available.  Sellers can pay $20 at the flea market door per single table (cash only) and may begin setting up one hour early at 7pm.  Registration will not be selling tables, so sellers please arrive early to secure your spot.


Join the first annual Masters of the Universe Painting Competition!

Join us for the first annual Masters of the Universe painting competition! Show off your artistry in a friendly competition for prizes and to show off your artistry at Kingdom Con 2017.

We are excited to have CK Studios, Miniature Monthly, The Hobby Hangout and Tectonic Craft Studios be a part of the first Masters of the Universe Painting Competition at Kingdom-Con. Take a look at the categories and bring your miniatures to be a part of the competition and find out if you have the power!

Submit all entries at the Hobby Hangout booth in the main hall by registration.

Single Model Category:

  • This includes any Fantasy or Sci/Fi 28mm size figure.
  • Any human sized figure under 54mm tall.
  • Entries can be on a display plinth or gaming base.

Squad Category:

  • This includes any Fantasy or Sci/Fi squad of at least 5 figures.
  • Entries can be on a display plinth or gaming base.

Vehicle/Monster Category:

  • This includes and Fantasy or Sci/Fi vehicle or Monster.
  • Entries can be on a display plinth, gaming base or no base at all if applicable.

Open Category:

  • This category includes everything else.
  • Entries can be on a display plinth or gaming base.

Trophies go to first place in each category and one to Best In Show.  Certificates for second and third place in each category.

Painting contest brought to you by:  Kingdom Con, CK Studios, Miniature Monthly, Tectonic Craft Studios and the Hobby Hangout.

Find out more about the Hobby Classes this year too at the Hobby Classes Tab! Be sure to bring your miniatures and come paint at The Hobby Hangout too.

Is it time for Kingdom-Con yet?

Hey Everyone,

We are excited for Kingdom-Con and we bet you are too!

Its only a few more weekends before it’s time. We want to make sure you are prepared and good to go. You may have noticed we updated the website to include new information and new events. We are glad that more events have been added and still a few more details for other special events on the way.

We will be having a Settlers of Catan Tournament this year and are very happy to be a part of the Catan Organized Play Circuit. That event will be on Saturday at 1pm and will also have an event fee. It should be a lot of fun! So come play!

Saturday April 29th is TableTop Day! We are excited to be a part of the event again and have fill the weekend with gaming and celebrate how “Board Games Changed Your Life!” We will be doing all sorts of social media that day, so be sure to be a part of that.

Fancy Friday will be happening again as well, so Friday Night, get ready to be Fancy and play some games. We will be doing a Photo Shoot again for that and are very excited.

Of course, The Drunk Quest Tournament of Champions will be happening again. Are you ready for the challenge? Saturday Night find out if you have what it takes.

CK Studios has also announced their Painting Contest for this years Kingdom-Con. Find out more on the Miniatures Tab and we can’t wait to see the beautiful miniatures.

Stay tuned as more announcements are happening. We know that Pre-Registration has closed, but if you have an event that you really want to run or see at the show, please let us know – –

Thank you and looking forward to playing games!

Pre-Registration is Closed!

Hey Everyone

Its April! Kingdom-Con is a month away and we are very excited for this years event. Pre-Registration is now closed for Kingdom-Con, which includes badges to the con, events and the hotel block.

You will be able to purchase a badge at the door and register for events at the convention as well.

Stay tuned for more updates this week as well for other information about events, casual play and some other exciting things happening this year at Kingdom-Con.

As always, we encourage everyone to get involved with our Facebook Group – Kingdom-Con –  if you want to coordinate games at the convention or have questions about the show.

If you did not pick up a badge yet, we are also looking for help at the event, so if you want to help out the Staff with some hours here and there at the show, please let us know at – – and we would love to have you!

It’s going to be a great time this year and its almost here!

As always, if you have any questions, please send us a message at – –

Thank you