More Event Sign-Ups have been added!

We have a lot of special events, tournaments and games at Kingdom-Con. Some have sign-ups and some do not. After some requests and questions, we went and added sign-ups to many events that wanted them. If you are looking to sign-up for an event then go for it. If you see an event that you want to attend, but it does not have a sign-up, be sure to show up at the event at the con. 

More Events have been added!

We are gearing up for a very exciting year at Kingdom-Con 2015(April 23rd - 26th). 

There was a lot of messages sent and we have added more events to the List, along with making sure we have even more Games for our Board Game Library. If you are looking for more events, or just want to make sure that you have space to play, there is plenty! We are excited for the large amount of RPGs that have been added to the schdule as well. 

New to Kingdom-Con or have some questions? You can always ask at - [email protected]